About the Foundation

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Lee Martin Award

In 1997, the Tri-State Hospital Foundation began a tradition to acknowledge the “above & beyond” support and dedication of one of the Board of Trustees with the Lee Martin Award. The award is named after one of the founding Trustees.

Who is Lee Martin?

Lee Martin was a gentleman whose dedication and support of the Tri-State Hospital Foundation and Tri-State Memorial Hospital helped mold the Foundation to what it is today. The Lee Martin Award is presented to a Foundation Trustee who has served on the board for at least two years. The honored Trustee is actively involved with the Foundation’s committees, has volunteered with the Foundation’s special events, has given financial support within their means, and enthusiastically supports the goals of the Foundation. The award is announced each year at the annual Foundation meeting in January.

Board of Directors (will have pictures)

  • Rebecca Dugger – President
  • Darcy Nelly – Vice President
  • Dan Rudolph – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Diane Turnbow – Past President
  • Trevor Arnone
  • Corey Flerchinger
  • Tammi Hernandez
  • Joyce Keefer
  • Jeanette LaVance
  • Luke Megna, MD
  • Heidi Copeland
  • Thaynan Knowlton
  • David McCann
  • Zach Meyers, DDS
  • Tami Randall